arduino component BURNT

hi people!

I was working with my arduino and a 12v desktop power supply (naked), and the arduino was in contact with this nacked wires. some sparkling and smoke, and pum. The computer sees the arduino and I can upload sketches to it, but it is really not working afterwards.

I identified the burnt component (as seen in the picture)

do you think I can save my board replacing this component, and what is this component?


Think that's L1, LBM21 surface mount ferrite bead that connects USB shield to Arduino

You probably burnt part of the ATmega2560 out though, as being able to upload
implies the board has power and USB chip working. Perhaps some pins are fried,
try a sketch to switch all the pins high/low and check them all with multimeter?

I still didnt have time for trying what you suggested, but I already saw that the analog inputs are working correctly.

apparently it will be the board that works for some projects, and not for others...