Arduino connected to X10


I'm new to the Arduino and doing any sort of electronic work, but I'm doing a project and it seems pretty simple/easy to use. Just wanted to see if the whole plan makes sense to others and if anyone else sees some problems with it.

What I have is a server that has a text file with a value that is continually updated (0-255). I then combined two different codes I found online. First, a Processing sketch pulls the value from the .txt file on my server and writes to serial. An Arduino sketch uploaded onto the board reads the serial and changes the brightness of an LED on the board accordingly. ^This I have working so far perfectly.

Now what I want to do is, instead of the LED, I want to hook up the X10 PL-513 ( to the Arduino. If I simply connect the X10 instead of the LED to the proper pins, will the brightness of the X10 change based on that int from 0-255? I know in the Arduino X10 library there is a DIM feature but I don't know if this gives you complete control over it like I can over the LED.

Any constructive responses appreciated.

Thanks! :D


First I'd suggest getting a PSC05/TW523 instead of the PL513. It's only a few bucks more and gives you the option of receiving X10 signals as well.

From my understanding what you want is very doable. Keep in mind that you will not see 255 levels of brightness in your lamps and that there will be a lag time.

You might want to look at my blog that has several X10 projects that I made with the Arduino.

Good luck and welcome.