arduino connecting to html

i know that how to send integer values from html to arduino but i need help in sending a text from arduino to html. e.g= "hello"
and then how to show the "hello" in html website. and using processing or php, not with ethernet shield.
if someone give a littler example it will be appreciated thanks.

You're using some of those terms in rather strange ways, but if you want output from the Arduino to appear within a web site and the Arduino has a USB connection to the host that the website is running on then you could write a webapp which opens the serial connection and receives serial output from the Arduino. You should have no trouble finding examples of webapps that do this sort of thing in php.

If the Arduino has a USB connection to some different host then you'd need some sort of relay application on the Arduino's host to open the Arduino's serial port, receive serial output from it and send it to the web server via some mechanism that you will need to choose. I'm not sure how Processing relates to this project, but if you wanted you could choose to implement that relay application as a Processing app.

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