Arduino connection with nRF24L01

How can we prevent the nRF24L01 from resetting in case of power loss so that it resuems its normal operation after power returns

I guess the short answer is that you can't. If you depower an nRF24 it will reset. However I can't imagine how that of itself could cause a problem for a program. An nRF24 does not do anything that requires it to operate constantly. Most messages just take a few millisecs.

I suspect you really have a completely different problem that has been poorly described.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial

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If you are using a controller with the NRF, if you have a power failure then the controller will power off as well.

When power comes back on, the controller will reboot and load the NRF and setup.

What in the NRF do you not want to loose with a reset?
Loosing power to the NRF will loose all its setup config and anything in its tx/rx buffer.

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