arduino connections

Hey guys i am making an rc car and just wanted to ask you how to connect my components as i have no previous experience in arduino. i have an arduino uno r3 two dc l9110 dc motors an ac06 bluetooth module a battery holder which i have connected to the chassis has 4 motors tha i have connected to the dc motors.thank you for your time .* i have all the jumpers required just dont know which ones go where.

Are there any tutorials on DC motor control? (Hint - Yes there are)

Go look through the tutorials, try them out and let us know if you have questions.

Start with each component on its own and make sure you understand how it works with the Arduino. There should be plenty of tutorials and example libraries out there. Once you have them all working on their own, starting putting them together to work the way that you want. If it stops working, you only have to back it up one step to get back to where it was working, and try to figure it out. It will also help you to post more focused questions on the forum, as most people won't have the time or inclination to give you the entire solution to a large project.

You may also find it helpful to put your code on github, as you can commit each working version and go back to it if required. You can also do diffs between versions so you can see easily what changed.