Arduino Contest ( win 5x duemilanove extended set)

I started an Arduino Contest for the german speaking reader of my blog where you can win one out of 5 arduino starter kits worth 77 Euro (100 dollar?) each.

But because the participation is very low now one day before the end, i decided to open it to anyone worldwide.

The idea is like a blogparade, means you have to write a blogpost and answer the question and send a trackback link to take part. Now it will stay open untill 5. juli. At the end there will be a poll and the 5 best ideas will win.

Thank you for opening the contest, Apart from having fun in learning Java, C Electronics, Robotics now we have more fun in Learning German as well.

English translation will definitely help. Most folks will not spend the time to figure out what the contest rules are if they are in german only ...

Better luck next time around...