Arduino control for a dbx2155 VCA - how to get CV?

Dear arduino community out there! I intend to control audio volume via an arduino and the "legendary" VCA dbx2155 or that2155. Therefore I need to control an absolute stable dc voltage from 0-3V at a current of 4mA. Has anybody already done something like this, or any suggestions? Thanks for all!

...after researching the topic "volume control" for a while, I landed on planet "hifiduino" - thanks to the audiofreaks there I found a wonderful solution using PGA2311 controlled via the serial busses of my ATmega! THANKS GUYS!!! I already ordered some of those chips, and as soon I´ve got a result I´ll post it here. Nevertheless I´d be greateful for any contributions concerning addressing several PGA2311 on one serial bus.

...and please excuse my strange english - I live in the alps, so I only can jodelyjodely - hehehe 8-)

Hi, could you send me the link for the info you've found. Thank you R

Hi soniferous! Here you go: This isthe link I found most info´s after a whole day research - I´ve just made it to solder the pcb and will start with programming today. Curious thing... What do you intend to do with the 2311? We should stay in contact and share our experience here. Greets, marc

Hi Marc, I am trying to control the digipot via Arduino using data from the ping sensor. It took me a while to understand which digipot was best suited for the task. I think the PGA2311 should be the right one. Recently I tried the DS1801 from maxim but had problems interfacing it with Arduino via SPI. Mon I should get my PGAs and will let you know how it goes. R

Not sure the accuracy or resolution you require for your control voltage but I have been making an Arduino compatible board with a quad 8-bit DAC --

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Hello again! Since we made it to control audio volume with 3 daisy chained PGA2311 there´s no need for my primary intention using VCA´s. Thank´s though for your replies, as it will probably help other arduino geeks solving their tasks! Yeah, we made it just a couple of days ago, and as soon as the machine is completely working, I will off course publish it in the playground. Just one thing, in case somebody works with PGA´s: THE MUTE PIN 8 MUST BE SET ON HIGH TO UNMUTE!!! - is not clearly mentioned in the Datasheet and took us a while… All the best & good luck, Marc