Arduino control power socket

I would like to purchase some of these automoted home power sockets which can be controlled via mobile phone app, companies like Belkin make them etc

Also any one know of a make, which can be controlled from an Arudino? As I would like to create a program, when the light level goes low it switches on the lights but only between 1900 to 2300 and 0600 t 0800 in the morning.


Try googling

TTL mains power control

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As we know nothing of your ability withe electronics or mains wiring, we will be very careful on our advice.

Any mains wiring can be lethal to you or someone else. We recommend that unless you are trained in mains wiring, that you get an electrician to do the connections.

What you want to do can be done by using a RTC for keeping the time and a LDR to sense light level. The safest way to connect any lights is using a block style solid state relay where the terminals are not connected to any PCB board.

Weedpharma q

I think OP wants to buy RF remote controlled power sockets, and then control them with an Arduino RF remote.

Enter "remote controlled power socket" in the search box on top of this page. Leo..

What you want is a powerswitch tail.

Pauly: What you want is a powerswitch tail.

Why. A remote controlled power socket is just that, including onboard RF receiver/decoder. Leo..

Guess I misunderstood what they wanted. That was the closest thing I could think of that is controlled by an Arduino.

I recommend using a relay switch and a Bluetooth module. You can switch the current using an app on your smartphone that connects to the bluetooth module. I did this and posted about it on my blog. If you're interested check it out, I include the wiring and everything.