Arduino control the 2.4" TFT LCD

Oh. I thought it was the display that was slow - sorry.

Thanks for your speedy reply! :)

Yes, my font would actually be something in between the large/small ones and would be used instead of the large font. I don't have the space to display the large font for what I am doing, but the small one is barley readable to the older audience of people this thing will be built for.

I really am not sure how to edit this or make one from scratch. I do understand hex and binary though, so I know I can do it with a little more information/guidance. [smiley=rolleyes.gif]

Do you perhaps have a document that showed you how to make your font that you could share? I'd hate to ask you to write some detailed manual about how to do this, but do appreciate any info/assistance you can offer me in getting started on this.


I will try write some instructions on how to make a new font, but it might take a while. I am quite busy at the moment.

If you need a font-width between 8 and 16 pixels you will have to not only rewrite the print functions, but deal with byte alignment (or waste a lot of memory). Font widths that are not a multiple of 8 adds a lot of complexity to the functions. That is the main reason I used 16x16 for the large font.


I have made a How-To on how you can make your own font.

You can find it on my web-site: Electronics - Henning Karlsen

Sorry it took so long, but it is rather hard to type with an injured arm :frowning:


Thank you very much for this. I have skimmed it and it looks like a great place to start. I will look at it in more detail soon when I have a little more time (the holiday season is a rush).