Arduino controled Lathe - Stepper Programming problem

Dear community,

im currently playing around a bit with arduino, im quite fit in electronics, but not so good in programming. I have an old lathe ( for wood turning ) and added some stepper-motors to it, i can control them over arduino without problems. But now i want to do the controler some work for me.

I would like to send the Arduino 2 dimmensions (x,y) and it will caclulate the path for the tool to move to this point in a as direct line as possible. X means that the tool will go left or right, Y that the tool moves into or out of the material. ( The arduino does not know the actual position at the moment, so i only say for example this left 10 and into 12 => X=-12;Y=12 )

My problem is that on one stepper 1 step means 0,0075mm and on the other 0,005mm movement. I allready made some try in calculating this , but i only arrive to make 90 or 45 degree moves :(

It would be nice if you could show me some of your ideas to give me a little push.

Thanks, Thomas

Thanks KE7GKP,

after looking into the files of Mike i think i have found the solution. Actually i only have to do some small changes and i think its working ! Thanks again !