Arduino-controlled air regulator and EM valve system?

Hello, everyone. I am very new with arduino. Previously i have been using arduino with relay to control my microscope power.

Now i am looking to build a system to control pressured air actuated microfluidic system. I want to use SMC's electromagnetic solenoid valve manifold with digital pressure regulators to achieve computer controllable automated microfluidic pulseless pump.

The problem is that i know nothing about these industrial parts. Although it appeared that they're well designed to be controlled by PLCs in industries.

Can Arduino Mega be used with 10 1.electromagnetic pressure regulator 2.electromagnetic valve to 1.set different pressure output by setting the regulators 2.programmable electromagnetic valve actuation?

Although i haven't quite figure out the specs on the electromagnetic valves these are the ones i'm thinking of using in manifold fashion

Any suggestion and advice is greatly welcomed, and i thank you all in advance.

Best, Paul


I'm working on a project, and have identified these manifolds as a potential component as well. Were you able to make any progress with getting your Arduino's to talk with them?