Arduino controlled animatronic ED-209

I am in the process of turning a 15" high Hot-Toys model of ED-209 from Robocop into an animatronic robit, controlled by Arduino.

I am currently at the CNC stage of the build but thought I would post this in case anyone wants to keep up with my progress.

In total there will be five stepper motors, all controlled by an arduino. I plan to have an arduino in the base communicting wirelessly via Xbee to a board in the main body of ED. This is mainly to keep the amount of wires I need to pass to the head at a minimum.

I hope to sync the the motion to the sound effects of the '20 seconds to comply' sequence from the film. I also hope to get some motion tracking in there If I have not lost the will to live by the end of it (and if I have any space left)

Checkout my link above for more details.