Arduino controlled auto clicker desktop

Hello all, I have been reading about having an arduino control the mouse on a desktop cpu. What I am wanting to do is write a code that will auto click in a certain location on the screen for x amount of time and then change to another location on the screen for y amount of time and then back to the original position or possibly to a third position.

Is it possible to write a code using arduino that you can have the mouse click at the desired location on the screen? X, Y coordinates perhaps?

I know there are downloadable autoclickers out there, but I want a little more control over it than what I can find. I am wanting to be able to click in multiple places on the screen for differing amounts of time. Is this possible?


Google is your friend. Arduino absolute Positioning
This is but one of many examples

Thanks... I wasn't sure what to search for. I assume Arduino absolute positioning is what I am wanting.

I am seeing a lot of great info now in regards to this. I see the use of the functions Mouse.begin(), Mouse.end() etc. without the use of libraries. when I try to put them in a sketch, I get a compilation error asking for a library. I’m not sure what library because the examples I see don’t use one. What am I missing?

Edit: I think I answered my own question. You can't do it with an uno. This is what I am using.



Well, it is possible with Uno, but it requires a special programmer and a high level of experience and expertise.

Much easier to swap to an Arduino that can use the mouse library, such as a Leonardo, or for better breadboard compatibility, a Pro Micro.

Don't confuse Pro Micro with Pro Mini. Pro Mini also cannot use mouse library, even with a special programmer.

Other possibilities are an Arduino Zero clone, but safer to stick with Pro Micro.

Thanks!! So, is it possible to simply move to different absolute positions on the screen with the arduino uno? Perhaps I could use the auto clicker software that is available online to do the "clicking" if I could use the uno to move to the position I wanted click at the correct time? Thanks again!

That I don't know. Maybe someone else here knows.

When i need auto-clicking i normally use Auto Clicker Typer. It was of great help when i used to play FarmVille and the likes in the past, lol.

Make a recording, then let it play.
You can manually fine-tune the coordinates and delays in the script.
You can also save several scripts and load them with hotkeys.

They have added an ad to the bottom of the program window, get the clean version from the Internet Archive.

This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I have downloaded it on two different cpus. One seems to function fine. The other gives me errors when I try to make certain changes ex. adding hot keys.... Not really sure why. Thank you very much for the suggestion!

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