Arduino controlled camera?

I am attempting to build a camera. The camera will be mounted on the rail of a handgun immediately in front of the trigger guard, with the intent of providing evidence of whether or not a shooting was justified. The subject of firearms is controversial in some places, but I ask that you are as respectful of my rights as I am of yours, and that we keep this thread on the topic of electronics except where more information might be needed to better judge the requirements of the electronics (although I will be more than happy to civilly discuss, or respond to polite criticism of, firearms via PMs; [u]provided that it doesn't violate any laws on your end[/u]).

What I want the camera to do:

1) Record monaural audio and black&white video (although color would be preferred) of at least 640x480 for a minimum of one hour. 10 frames per second should be sufficient.

2) Ideally, it would be resistant to physical shock so that anything after the first shot is recorded. Video being blurred or scrambled with each shot is anticipated and acceptable, but I do want it to keep recording between and after shots if there are multiple attackers.

3) Fit in a space measuring a maximum of 1.1" wide, 1.5" high and 2.5" long.

Is this possible using one of the microcontrollers that come on Arduino boards? I feel very comfortable with the programming of these controllers, and I'd rather not learn (or adapt to) another programming language right now if I don't need to. Obviously, due to the space constraints, I will be designing all the circuitry and and the housing myself, which I have some experience with and feel comfortable at least trying. Contrary to what the size requirements are, I would prefer to use a microcontroller with through-hole mounting, but I can learn to solder SMDs if needed.

If this is not possible using Arduino hardware, could someone point me in the right direction? And if you have suggestions for individual components that would be best for this, I would appreciate that input as well.

Thanks, Jason

Is this possible using one of the microcontrollers that come on Arduino boards?


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