Arduino controlled camera

What i am looking for is a digital still camera with remote control. The camera will use its own sd card for storage , arduino will only control picture taking.

Camera must have a zoom lens which can be controlled by serial bus or whatever. I will consider hacking an ir remote if necessary.

It will be mounted on a pt head.

It needs to have a 8 Megapixel sensor or better.

Any ideas please ?

I think there must hundreds of cameras like that, if you also count all the security and IP cameras. A motorized PT head ? Lightweight for a drone ? Price range ? The more expensive cameras that some Youtubers use, have a remote to zoom. Night vision ? Back Illuminated ? How much zoom ? 3X or 30X makes a big difference. Do you need some kind of image stabilization ? What is it for ? If you need to capture something, use a Canon with CHDK and 32GB SD card and let it take a picture a second. Or use CHDK with a motion detector script.

The camera will be fixed. I am aware of many security type cameras that will fit the bill.

Just looking for something cheap and mass market to catch the T**t that keeps robbing my shed.

Standard security video cams are not permitted in evidence.

That brings back memories. The boss of the company that I worked for long ago was fed up that computers were missing. He installed a camera and he did capture the thief, it was one of the employees.

For night vision, you need a security cam. For day time, I would use a Canon with CHDK, with fixed position and fixed zoom, and capture a small movie or a burst of pictures with a motion detection script. Not every Canon has a power plug and the USB connector won't power them. Perhaps 50 dollars for a used Canon with Back Illumination.

Maybe there are better ways: A bigger lock; a dog; only a label/sticker that security cameras are installed; a dummy security cam; a note that thiefs will be handed over to the police; a PIR sensor with a bell sound; and so on.

Koepel: ; a dog;

Crime against humanity. I loose my house and freedom !

Thats the EU for you.

Boardburner2: standard security video cams are not permitted in evidence.

If you use a standard camera for security surveillance, in my mind, that would be the same using a standard video security system.

Second, I don't get why video surveillance is not admissible in court. Why even have it in the first place??

To be admissible (on a video) the person should be shown full frame from middle of torso to top of head . ( Medium close up.)

With independent witness corroboration its ok, just cannot be used for identification otherwise.

Its very difficult to arrange that.

With a high megapixel camera it is allowable to enlarge portions of the image.