Arduino controlled HVAC project

I am new to using an Arduino, but I have an idea that I would like to make on a small scale. I think using an arduino as the controller would be a good choice. The prototype project would be to design a box that had 2 rooms. This is not to scale, but built in a small project box. A fan would be installed in the box that vented to both rooms. A separate vane would be in each rooms ventilation. A temperature sensor would also be installed in each room.

So I would like to use an arduino to monitor the temperature sensors and control servos that would adjust the vanes to allow for more or less airflow to each room depending on the temperature sensed.

My questions are: 1) What is the best arduino to use for this application 2) Are there already similar projects out there 3) Are there any major hurdles or pitfalls to this idea that I am not addressing

Any advice and help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

Any arduino could do this. People tend to start with the UNO.

A popular temperature sensor for this kind of thing is the DS18B20 - you'll find a library to help use it and many arduino projects that do. There are plenty of projects where people are using Arduino to control their actual HVAC.

Servos are simple to drive from the arduino but they will need their own power supply.

Thank you so much for your advice. I will start doing some research on those components now. I thought most any Arduino would work, I was going to try the UNO.