Arduino controlled incognito WAP

hey guys, just made this account specially to ask this question.

would it be possible to use an arduino controller to make a small, under the radar wireless access point with ethernet in and out to make a wired network wireless without attracting attention? it needs to have full 802.11 g compatibility. if theres anyhting else you want to know just ask, i will be checking up on this thread reuglarly today.

just wondering if this would be at all possible.

thanks in advance, ianzw

You'd need to have both an Ethernet shield, to connect to the company network, and a wi-fi shield to make it wireless. It could be done.

Without attracting attention? Depends on whose paying attention. If anyone is, though, and has set the network up properly, the answer is no. Were it my network, and were I paranoid, I'd restrict access to specific mac addresses. You'd have to register your mac address to get access to the network. You'd have to register your Ethernet shield's mac address. And, of course, being the paranoid type, I'd want to get the mac address of the device myself, so you'd need to produce the device.

Even if you get away with attaching an Arduino with ethernet shield and wi-fi shield to the company network, it will be incredibly slow. Surfing (porn on) the net is going to be painfully slow.

ok cool so it is possible, and the network im thinking of attaching this to is not secure at all hardly, its the network in my school CS class and i know the network admin personally (he has no idea what hes doing). when i say incognito i mean small in physical form factor, because in that class new devices are being added and removed from the network all the time so it would be very hard to notice that way.

also, which of the controllers would best be suited to this application>? im looking for the lowest price with said functions

also, which of the controllers would best be suited to this application>?

A wireless router.