Arduino controlled via SMS using Android

I am new to programming Arduino, my question is, is it possible for me to create an android app that will allow me to control the Arduino Uno via sms? For example if i connect a lamp i shall be able to switch it on and off.

I'm a beginner myself, but if you'll want to sms your arduino you'll probably need a sim card for it (and pay for a line). It might be easier and cheaper to controll it via wi-fi. I'm not exactly sure how to do that, so I'll let the experts take it from here :)

Do you mean that the Android device will receive an SMS and then send a command to the Arduino?


Do you mean that the Android device will send an SMS which must then be received by some sort of "phone" system (a GSM shield, I think) attached to the Arduino?

The simplest way to control an Arduino with an Android device is with Bluetooth. Have a look at this RemoteXY Thread. You would need a cheap Bluetooth module for your Arduino - such as a HC05 or HC06.

I think the cheapest way to get WiFi working on an Arduino is with the ESP8266 module.


Why do you need an app to send sms? You just need a cellphone and some money on its sim card.

The arduino is going to need a sim card too.

The idea is to control home appliances from anywhere. If i use WI-FI or Bluetooth i will be limited

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