Arduino controller "standalone"?

How do you use the controller separated from the arduino circuit? I don't really know what they're called but they look like this on the arduino board:

How do you like only put that one onto a circuit board and supply it power as well as giving it input/taking output from it. Basically running sketches from it without the entire board?

And also small side question; how do you remove it safely? I haven't tried yet because I am scared of breaking it. What tool do you recommend? Screwdriver? Kitchen knife/fork? Nail? Chainsaw?

What is it that you actually want to do and why?

There’s already a page for this:

As for how to remove it, I use a small screwdriver and alternate between prying each end out a little at a time.

Jiggy-Ninja: --snip--

Thank you

jremington: What is it that you actually want to do and why?

I now want the scheme for the controller, cant seem to find it online. But like if I put the controller on the bredboard how do I use it?

I find a popsicle stick, or a clothes pin, works pretty good, alternately work the 2 ends. I have an IC puller also, but its too easy too yank one end up and bend the pins.

If you haven’t found a schematic yet, there’s always this:

CrossRoads: --snip-- If you haven't found a schematic yet, there's always this:

I don't quite understand this. Like wheres the main volt intake for example and how much does it take?