arduino controlling lights and other stuff

Im new in this world and hoping this is the right place to post this toppic.

I got the arduino uno v3. I have the ds1307 rtc and 16x2 lcd installed and working. Now i want to use an 4 Channels 5V Relay Module but the relay's should turn on and off on a specific time. But i cant seem to find anything on the internet that i can use. Is it just me??

My english is not the best. But im hoping you understand :-)

Is it just me??

How would YOU turn the relays on and off at specific times, using just a watch and a list of off and on times?

The Arduino has a watch (you gave it one when you connected the RTC), so it is capable of turning relays off and on at specific times, IF it has a list of on and off times.

The only challenge is providing the Arduino with those times. If you simply hard-code them, turning relays on and off at the right time is trivial.