Arduino controlling RC car (use builtin H-bridge)

Hi guys. My project is all set but the final step:

Arduino's pinout control the car's receiver(SM6135, RX2 compatible or builtin h-bridge) to drive the car. like this project: but my receiver is not standard(it's a COB), photos:

i tried contact the arduino's pinout to the receiver's soldered dots, nothing happens. (just set the pinout to HIGH)

on my car's COB SM6135, i can see 11 pins.. not 16.

Any idea please?

hey man, did someone do the same project before?

does the receiver ic need pwm signal or digital?

Does google come up with anything for your particular IC?

No, i even find the original h-bridge in this car. but i gave up. it's more easy to get a L298N than that.

Thanks mate.