Arduino controlling two machines

Here is a project I would like build - first goal hard wired system then wireless (transmitters & receivers).

I would like to construct a circuit that controls machine 1 and machine 2. When button 1 is pressed machine 1 will launch such item. When button 2 is pressed, machine 2 will launch such item and finally when button B (stands for both machines) both machines will launch at the same time. What would I need to get started - would arduino uno work? Would i use relays to launch each machine but how would launch both machines at once using one button. The machines them self are running off 12v battery out in the field, and the cable would run from the field to the handheld control to launch the units. Once I get this up and running, then I would go wireless. All suggestions/ideas would be greatly apprepicated. Are there any samples programs out there using the same logic I would like to implement for reference. Thanks!

Press button 1, Arduino triggers relay A. Press button 2, Arduino triggers relay B. Press button 3, Arduino triggers both relays A and B.

Both relays would have their own separate transistor drive. It is the Arduino program that decides which relays to turn on.

What are these machines? How does one "launch such item"? What is such item?

In all seriousness I think this could be done with simple relays, resistors, and wire without an Arduino, but its hard to say when I know almost nothing about what is being controlled.

The machines are clay target machines.

Yes no need for an arduino, just wire up the three buttons to do that logic.
Hint, you can get double pole switches, they act like two buttons pushed at the same time.

When button B (stands for both machines) both machines will launch at the same time.

Is it too hard to press both button 1 and button 2 at the same time?

If the person operating the buttons does not press at the same time, the machines won't launch the targets simultaneously throwing off the shooter and timing. There are systems out there that does this but who can afford spending thousands of dollars.

It would more fun and educational to use an arduino. But if thats not your goal, use
3 buttone. 2 single pole and the third button double pole.

When you press the 3rd button, both will fire (at the same time)
Pressing one of the others will only fire one.

I figured you could probably use a bit of clarification for how the switch setup would work. The image below should detail the setup. I’m assuming each launcher has a normally open switch that must be closed to launch the clay. You can see the lower switch will close both contacts, but it is only activated by one push button, so they will both launch at the same time. I would find a different application for the Arduino, as for this situation it will complicate things significantly without adding anything to the end result.

PM me if the image doesn’t load. I’m using dropbox to host the image and it may not be the most conventional solution.

Yes jroorda , that looks just right.
Thanks, Jack

Thank you everyone for you help. Thank you jroorda for uploading a schematic. I am a visual person and this really helps. I will let you know it goes. Thanks again.

No Problem,

Glad I could help.

@jroorda - I just wanna verify that the button to launch both machines at once, I would want a DPDT switch right? I am looking at DPDT switches and they have 6 terminals like your schematic shows and descriptions reads 2 NC and 2 NO. Is that what I want DPDT?

DPDT will work, but you are not using 2 pins.
The minimum required is double pole.
Either will work for you.

Jack is correct.

DPDT is fine. DPST is also fine, but you need to make sure the switch is normally open.

I used SPDT and DPDT switches in the diagram because they were all I could find in a minute of searching in eagle.

Thanks jroorda. Yes I do remember you saying switches need to NO. I picked a coupe of dpdt and dpst - they were cheap enough, so i am going to work on it over the weekend. I am determined to get this up and running with all help from you guys. I will post my results. Have a nice weekend.