Arduino cotrolled robot which is remotely controlled through GPS

Hi. I am currently undertaking my final year university project which requires me to design a robot that is wirelessly controlled by a user to move to a specific destination on a track.
I would like to design a robot that would travel to a waypoint destination which is marked on a map (google maps probably). The robot should select the most ideal route to the destination and also avoid any obstacles along the way. The robot should also signal its current position as it travels to the specified destination. The user controlled interface can be on a PC or an android phone, whichever is simpler to implement. Can someone please advice me on how I should go about implementing this? Also the components I will require and whether the robot chassis should have proportional steering or not. Thank you

Route planning and obstacle avoidance? Forget about arduino right now. Also hope your programming skills are in good level. Thats sort of stuff is very advanced.

You probably need also computer vision to indentify obstacles as well.. Robot is no good if it falls small hole in ground. :wink:

You would expect you to need full blown computer on this and plenty of memory with good programming to make it work. Nasa rovers has more procesing power then arduino and even that is not autonomous, theres real people planning paths taken so it docent get stuck, etc...

Well the obstacle avoidance part is the least complicated actually. All I'd need for that is an ultrasonic sensor. no need for computer vision. Its the GPS controlling part that Im worried about. Anyway of doing this with some accuracy?

Presumably this is outside? GPS won't do you any good indoors. How much accuracy do you need? GPS is 5-15 meters unless you're planning to use (expensive) differential GPS.

As to efficient routing - what does your map consist of?