Arduino Crashes and Reboots when stepper motor and pump are running

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a project in which I use a plotter and a pump to clean the bottom of an aquarium.
The board is an Arduino Mega 2560 made by MakeBlock (like this: Robot Kits & STEM Toys for K-12 Schools and Home Education|Makeblock, but insted of the pencil there is a pump).

When I just move the two stepper motors (for x and y axis), the movement is smooth and silent.
Instead when I switch on the pump while a stepper motor is moving at the same time, the behaviour is unexpected: sometimes the stepper motor seems broken, sometimes my Arduino crashes and reboots continuously.

Can anyone help me to address this strange behaviour?

The Arduino is connected to current via Wall Adapter 12V 3A ( .

Please let me know,


You need to make a pencil drawing showing how you have everything connected and post a photo of the drawing.

Your symptoms suggest that something is causing the voltage to the Arduino to fall which causes the Arduino to reset.


The pump motor will be pulling its stall current at switch on - what is it? What is its stall current? Are
you trying to run the arduino from the same supply as the steppers and pump? (Hint, bad idea).

You should post full details of all the hardware you use, details always matter. And your code of course.