Arduino Crashes PC problem

Hi to all,

I am new around and also new to Arduino board.

I am going to do a project and searched over the net about a board that will allow me to do my project that meets all my requirements.
I have found the arduino is one of the best found and bought one for my self.

I am now trying to start my things up but a strange thing happened as soon as i started working with the board.
I connected the board via USB to my pc and as soon as it was detected the PC crashed (by crashed i mean a blue screen came up and restarted)

I cannot solve the issue at all i tried many things including:

leaving the arduino connected and restart the pc :: the pc does not start but continues to restart
taking power even from the supply when connected over usb bus still crashes
tried different usb.. still crashes

I dont think is a current drive problem because i connect other devices through my usbs and it does not crash like hard disks, bluethoot devices, my mouse is even a usb, and i used to work with 8051 board and still connected to usb didnt crash my pc.

Is this a hardware or software problem?
Could it be usb drivers?
If so how to update/change/solve the drivers issue without formatting my pc?

And how can i resolve this issue it is really driving me crazy?

Thanks and hope i hear from anyone with a suitable solution as soon as possible!

Thanks & Regards

Wow, a lot of text without any useful information.
"My Windows XP machine crashes (reboots) when plug my arduino"
would be enough.

Update your FTDI drivers (search this forum)

OK sorry for any inconvenience.
I didn't knew what these types of ports where now i figured the problem along.

Thanks and again sorry

So.. What operating system are you running and what kind of Arduino are you using?