Arduino crashes while selecting other window

I just setup my LilyPad, everything thing works....BUT the Ardunio software always crash and closed whenever I navigate away and return back to Ardunio window.

Is this a known bug?? or am i the 1st one having this issue?? how do i fix it?

Operation Sys: Win XP SP2 Arduino v10 LilyPad connect with USB mini

wow never heard of it...

Please, when you ask this sort of questions on the forum you should provide: Operating system you're using and version. Language of the operating system plus version of arduino you're using..

It's a bit hard to help you diagnose without these info.


I am having the same problem. I can modify a sketch or make a new one right after I start up the software, but if I do something else in between and then try to compile it freezes and never compiles. I just bought my arduino and I have uploaded sketches but it sucks to have to keep on opeing up new sketch windows. I am a newbie, so any help would be appreciated.

Win XP SP2 Arduino v10 Arduino Diecimila

p.s. i installed Processing over the weekend, jsut to play around with, but i deleted the folder I also thought my usb printer and mouse were messing it up, but i finally got it to work with my mouse it really only seems to freeze if i leave the arduino window and come back

Strange. Is the software frozen when you switch back to it, or does it only happen once you try to compile or upload? What are you running when you switch away from Arduino? Processing? What if you switch to something like notepad?

If you have another version of Java on your computer, you might trying deleting the java/ sub-directory of Arduino, editing the run.bat to point the JAVA_HOME variable at the other install of Java, and using that (run.bat) to run the Arduino software.

Having similar problems but it's only when I try out a few things on my software. Specifically it will freeze when: Changing the type of Arduino in the tools section Trying to compile any script Upload to board

Is this a java version thing? I've tried just running the bat and the exe separately...

Operating system: win xp sp2 Arduino v10 Arduino NG168

Here's an error that occurred when trying to change board types:

Also how do you check to see what is using which COM port. When I try and change the Arduino from COM port 8 to 3 or 4 it says those ports are being used... but I don't see anything showing up when I'm in the Device Manager. Windows only shows various MSDos ways to change COM ports... and I'm not about to start messing with that.

Seems like Arduino-0007 and 0009 work but not 010... It keeps freezing.