Arduino Crashes Windows 7

I’m brand new to Arduino and completed my first project. However after I shut down my PC and tried to start up, Windows 7 wouldn’t run normally. I went into safe mode and did a system restore to before I installed Arduino IDE. It ran fine. I reinstalled IDE and it programmed my Uno fine, when I shut down and tried to restart windows the same thing happened. Any ideas how to prevent this from happening?

The only problem coming to mind here would be driver incompatability. You could try uninstalling the Arduino driver via Device manager and see if that fixes the problem. Usually, Windows 10 apps still run fine on 7.

Also, you’re a brave man for connecting a private Windows 7 machine to the internet :wink:

It does not sound like the IDE is the actual issue.
Run windows 7 x64 pro here almost exclusively.

The IDE also has a DEBUG exe in the installation folder you may want to try running that.
It will give you more information that may help trace the fault.

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Thanks to both of you. After your comments, I'm thinking it might be the USB driver for the RexQualis UNO board I'm using. I'm going to check in with the manufacturer and try the DEBUG exe.

It looks like a good clone with the 16u2 so it should work right out of the box.
The 16u2 is the chip nearest the USB port.

More details about your OS and system may be in order including details of any extra security / antivirus etc.