Arduino Create Agent causing SystemUIServer crash

Hello Arduino Community,

As stated in the title, I've been having problems with the Arduino Create Agent plugin potentially crashing my computer. Specifically, if I don't pause and kill the plugin, at a random later point in time, my SystemUIServer becomes unresponsive (in my Activity Monitor) and I have to force restart my computer.

I've also recently posted a question on Arduinos causing kernel panic and I'm wondering if this issue is somehow related to Arduino Create Agent plugin issue.

I've deleted the plugin to prevent further problems and have switched to a different work computer to work with Arduinos. But I'm wondering if anyone else had or knows anyone who had a problem with the Arduino Create Agent plugins. Just trying to be prepared on how to debug this if I encounter the same issue again on other computers.

Any feedback would be really appreciated!

I have a Mac Pro (Early 2015) running on Mojave (10.14.5)

The troubleshooting section of the forum is littered with "Mojave" related issues. I strongly suspect your problem is related.

Not a mac person here so maybe a little digging from that link could help ? Have raised the issue to the team to see if this is related.



Please read this to avoid further confusion.


Hello Bob,

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late response.
I’ll do some digging around in that forum and come back if I have more questions / more issues

Thanks for the pointers!