Arduino Create Chrome app is now available for schools! Getting started here

You can learn more on this blogpost, and you can see everything that you need to know on this tutorial that will walk you though the whole subscription flow.

With the educational plans, are we able to load other libraries that can be shared with the other students? I ask because currently we are using "" and getting additional libraries has been difficult to impossible.

We understand you may not be able to load all libraries for all users but are looking for the ability to have additional libraries available for our students to use.

Regards, Jim Tinsman

we use chrome books at my school. I keep getting error messages. some saying that the nano is unsupported.


Are you able to load custom libraries for the students in the same team to use?

Regards, Jim

@jtinsman please don't cross post, I answered your question in the other thread you opened

@demigodd4 the Nano is supported. For more infos please check this tutorial Could you please specify the steps to reproduce your issues and submit screenshots so we can try to replicate your issue and troubleshoot?

Hello! I work in a public library and we'd like to switch from codebender to the Arduino Create app for our Chromebooks. Is this education subscription only available for schools, or can libraries set up an account too?

Thank you!

Hi @memyselfandigora,

Libraries can setup a subscription as well :)

Wonderful - thank you!

Hi we have installed the app for public session mode from the Google Admin but the edit website is still saying it has not been installed?

Hi @stevenhurley,

Have you purchased an education subscription for the email associated with the Arduino ID you are logging into Arduino Create with?

No yet, we wanted to ensure that it would actually work in our environment first, do we need to have an active license before the website will allow the app to communicate to the website?

Hi @stevenhurley,

do we need to have an active license before the website will allow the app to communicate to the website?

Yes, otherwise it will try to communicate with the non-education version available in the Google Chrome Web Store.

I would suggest you sign up with one active license to try things out.

Hi @sandeepmistry

That worked great, do you know if we can get the option to pay for the subscription at a yearly rate as month by month can be a little difficult sometime for us?

Why would and education account still not be able to connect Uno board even after all setup steps for education account have been followed?

In Web Editor it keeps showing Install button but clicking it just goes to web store and it only has disabled Try Now button.


Please contact and link to this forum post. Thanks.

Why are you charging for this? I'm very upset with myself for ordering arduinos for my students now. Shame on you arduino!