Arduino Create deleted my Sketch!

I lost 2 days of work!

I logged in today and my project is there but the code in the sketch is blank, all gone. The page is completely blank, no code. All gone. Is there anyway I can get this back? I thought this Arduino Create cloud browser saved versions? Can I revert to a previous save?

I'm so upset. Can anyone help me?

Do you have AUTOSAVE turned on ?

It does not save "versions" as such.
That aspect is up to the programmer as is actual SAVING.

Your snarky reply is not welcome here.

I don't think logging in from another machine and having my project disappear "be up to the programmer." I save regularly. Something else happened that caused my project to disappear.

I asked simple basic questions.
You also neglected to furnish much detail.

Clearly you don't need anyone's help with a snarky answer like yours to somebody who was willing to help.

What’s the sketch that disappeared? Can you provide a url?

I also have this problem (link to my forum post and sketch below). I definitely learned my lesson about saving, but is there anything that can restore the sketch?