Arduino create on Ubuntu doesn't work??

hello to everyone,
i have ubuntu 15.10 on my pc ,
i installed successfully the arduino create plugin but when i go to the arduino crate site , it tell me that there isn't any plugin connection .
how can i resolve this problem/error?

Hello, as well as download it, you have to start the plugin. But I'm not sure that it is compatible with Ubuntu.

Italian answer:
lo ho installato bene ed il plugin si avvia automaticamente all'accensione del pc (so che sei italiano , ti seguo su youtube)

English answer (sorry for bad translaton):
i installed well the pugin and it start automatically when the pc start (i know that you are italian , i follow you on youtube)


Hi chrisPRGM, the plugin is definitely supported on Ubuntu :slight_smile: @smellai uses it to develop everyday.

What browser are you using? Did you install it with Chrome and then used Firefox?
The browser console output will be really useful to debug this issue, thanks!