Arduino Create plugin -security risk?- unknown certificate warning


I just installed the Arduino Create plugin but Windows/Chrome complained about the certificate created during he installation as not being recognised and hence posing a security risk.

Anybody could shed some light as to whether the installation of this certificate may be unsafe and what functionality will be affected if if the certificate is not installed?


It is NOT a security risk.

Thats why it asks for your permission before doing anything.
Without it you will be very limited in what you can do as parts of CREATE rely on permission to talk to your arduinos vie the com ports or IP address in that case of boards such as the YUN.

Some of your concerns are probably answered HERE.

You will also be offered drivers and again it is in your best interest to say yes to those too.

For each additional browser or computer you want to use CREATE on you will have to go through the same procedure.
So if you also wanted to use firefox browser it would add an additional certificate etc.