Arduino Cult Induction, 1-5pm May 9 (Portland, OR)

Arduino Cult Induction Workshop at TechShop, 1-5pm May 9

OpenTechSpace, TechShop, and Tempus Dictum will present an “Arduino Cult Induction” at TechShop on Saturday, May 9 2009, from 1 to 5 pm. The cost of the workshop is $35, and includes all the parts you will need. TechShop is at 10100 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton (

In this workshop, you will build a complete and functional Arduino-compatible micro-controller (Dorkboard), and will upload and run a program on it. The Arduino development environment is very popular with artists and other creative people, and can be built and programmed even if you have little hardware or software experience.


To sign up for the class, go to and purchase the "Cult Induction Tech Shop 09MAY09" Workshop If you have any problems, email Don Davis -

You will need to bring the following: - A laptop (Mac, PC, or Linux, although there are some problems with the latter) - A USB cable (standard A->B type — like - A soldering iron (20-30 watt pencil type) and solder - Wire cutters (dikes)Other tools that can be helpful, but are not strictly necessary, include tweezers, a magnifying glass / helping hands, long nosed pliers or small hemostats (locking forceps), etc.

You will be supplied with: - A Benito USB to serial programmer - A Dorkboard kit (see - An introduction to the Arduino and microcontrollers in an artists setting - Help when you need it - The knowledge that what you built works!For more information on the workshop, see For more information about the Dorkboard, see For more information about Arduino, see For more information about TechShop, see For more information about OpenTechSpace, see To find like-minded and helpful people, see and