Arduino datalogger compile error

I have madea code for temperature datalogging using MAX 6675, DS 3231 RTC module and SD card module in Arduino UNO using 3 k Type thermocouple. When I compile it it shows the error "class ds3231 has no member named begin’’.
I have checked the forum and found problem with the library of RTC module . I have just updated that but problem still persists.
can anyone guide please.
Here is the code

Arduino_UNO.ino (3.6 KB)

There are several DS3231 libraries. Likely the sketch you're trying to compile was written for a different library. You'll need to either install the library your sketch was written for or else modify the sketch so that it's compatible with the library you're using. You will find example sketches that demonstrate the correct way to use the library under the File > Examples menu.