Arduino Day 2018 submission issue.

Hi guys. I'm having trouble submitting the local Arduino Day event. After submitting the application (31.03) I did not receive a confirmation letter (spam folder cheked). I filled entire form on Here is link for our local agenda:

If I visit Submit page again all forms are blank. I'm using Google Chrome 65.0.3325.181

I wrote to the Arduino support, but they did not answer.


Please send us an email to events [at] arduino (dot) cc, and we'll try to troubleshoot this with you. We have been overwhelmed by requests so it's taking a little bit longer to process all the events.

Do not resubmit the event though. We should be able to have a look at your application asap.

Best regards,

Thanks for advice. Event support helped me.

I tried to submit event again with open Chrome Dev Tools, and find out that there was error massege in Console. Eventually I manage to register event only when open my browser with incognito mode.

Good to hear!

Best :)