Arduino Day - checked! Happy kids! Adults full of curiosity

Arduino Day 2018 - done!

Kids had the opportunity to tinker the Uno and Nano boards.

I showed them intermediary stages in a project - you know, that pile of jumpers. Also experimented the brand-new personal concept of structured wiring and color-tabs.

A good opportunity for both adults and kids to understand basics of the electronics, in an easy-to-swallow presentation, based on analogies.

There was also a bit of history - how Arduino was born, how it started.

Questions raised: how to learn Arduino basics from internet, where to learn electronics as a career, curiosities about LEDs.

I also presented a small “street lights” circuitry, which I programmed and built to work on independent 18650 battery. - photo attached (sorry for poor quality, I will re-take it later for a better quality).

Also discussions about future of education in the field of electronics, robotics and coding.

My best regards and success to all are preparing to do it in the next hours!

Well done! If you have pictures of the event you can share those with us at events (at) arduino (dot) cc :)

Yes, sure! I am now preparing to replicate the event in another place.

Sent photos. :-)

Thanks! We got them :)