Arduino Day & Genuino Day 2016

We are a group of Arduino Enthusiasts from Islamic University of Technology in Bangladesh. We decided to celebrate Arduino Day here. We have received the pre-approval, and been asked to confirm the event by 21 March 2016. But in the email it was mentioned that all events outside of US are to be called "Genuino Day". Now we have already created a Facebook event called "Arduino Day 2016 at IUT" and publicized it. Does this mean we have to change the event to "Genuino Day 2016 at IUT" to receive confirmation?

Thanks Arduino Enthusiasts from Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh

You might want to ask the person / people who gave you pre-approval for clarification. However, my understanding is that outside of the US it will be Genuino Day. Probably to avoid confusion with any event of a similar name run by the people at

Hello Arduino lovers and team,

I think we're placed in the middle of a battle between the 2 Arduino's gangs. The obligation to mention GENUINO instead of ARDUINO if we are outside of US (even in Canada) is disapointing and dommageable. Our community loves Arduino and follows our Arduino activities since the begining. If suddendly we change this appellation for Genuino it will say nothing to our members and followers and will create a big confusion.

People come and participate at all our events and workshops because they are announced under the Arduino name. If we change this for GENUINO we'll get no participation because nobody understand what GENUINO is.

The Arduino Day is something very special for the community. The Genuino Day means nothing and create confusion.

Please, let us use Arduino for the branding of our workshops and events as we did in the past for all our events related to it.

This battle between the two Arduino's team is very painfull and not of our concern...

We want to be ARDUINO not GENUINO.