Arduino Day! in Boston, MA

Just getting home from MIT/Cambridge, MA (Boston) where we got to meet Massimo Banzi, David Cuartielles, Tom Igoe, and David Mellis! Very cool. Got to commiserate over the SmartProject splitup, discuss forum issues, talk hardware and some software paths. Even met a couple of folks we had shipped boards to previously.
Had our picture taken with some of our cards for MAKE Magazine I think. And answered questions from lots of folks about our cards and what they did - we had screw shields, relay shields, bubble display boatd and MAX7219 breakout board, 1284P boards in different form factors and the one we have set up for standalone programming, and my fencing scoring machine Remote Control, which was how I got into Arduino to start with back in 2010.
Got to see David C’s talk on educating with Arduino (everybody wants to do Robots!) and David M’s talk on product development (based around his cellphone and its phases of development). Unfortunately we got a little bit lost on the MIT campus (thanks GPS!) and missed Massimo’s talk while we found a parking spot on the west end of campus, then wandered around finding the Media lab on the east end of campus in a blowing spring snow storm. But we did get to talk to John from about getting Arduino data out to the internet, which will come handy for someone we’re working with for monitoring and autodelivery of a product when supplies get low.