Arduino Day in Eastern MA, Sat 3/29/14 11AM-4PM, Needham, MA

We'll be there showing some of our projects, cards, and signing copies of our book "Arduino for Teens"!

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"We" (my hacker group) are doing it across the broder (the water between Copenhagen/Denmark and Malmoe/Sweden) with a similar outfit . Arduino presentations and birthday cake for the 10 year old.

But it is of course accessible via the official page - which incidentally according to the countdown starts in one and half hours (presumably Wellington/New Zeeland)

Had an interesting day at You Do It Electronics in Eastern, MA today. Spoke with a bunch of folks with some interesting project ideas, a lot of folks who were just learning about Arduino, and signed books for folks. Guys at the table to our right were from a Maker Club up in Lowell, MA, doing Raspberry Pi stuff and demoing a bike turn signal jacket with a lilypad for a controller, and I heard what sounds like a maker club that will be opening in Framingham, MA as well. Kids at the table left of us had 3-4 floppy drives making some tones, had a drum mic that made it sound really bassy, good to see them giving that a try. YouDoIt also gave away some Sparkfun stuff too, and had a drawing to give away a couple of signed copies of book.

How were things at other Arduino events?