arduino dc motor ic


What is the the best chip like l239d , sn471 or other for interfacing dc motor with arduino.

Do you know any good tutorial for interfacing dc motor.

Do I need to use any other component with the dc drive IC like diodes,resistors.


Here m8, this is the tutorial I learned from, goes over both wiring, code, and teaches you both how to do direction and speed of motor as well:

the dc IC's are usually referred to as H-Bridges and the L293NE or SN754410 are interchangeable (i dunno if there are any more variations, probably, but these are the ones I have used and also the only ones I ahve run into)

I drive my DC (12V) motors by simple MOSFETs, as I don't need to change the direction. See here:

and I don't even use a 2K pull-down resitor and it works well...

interesting... speaking about size, how big is the usual mosfet to motor setup (just the circuitry, no arduino, no motor), cause the h bridges are fairly small, although the set up is needed, so thats a minor minus unless you are happy to do the extra work

Do you know any good tutorial for interfacing dc motor.

Can I use l293d or l293e instead of the 2 ics you suggested.I want a interface it with small dc motor from a toy car.


my link will work best for you...