arduino decimila + tlc5940? Newbie

arduino decimila + tlc5940? Newbie

i really dont get it to work. First I can't compile program found on (copy&paste) There is a lot of errors.

On the other hand I don't know how to connect tlc5940 to arduino. I have search plenty websites but not found what a newbie needs to know.

I have connect leds (warmwhite 3.4v 15-25 mA) cathode to pin 1-15 +28 and anode to 5v. 2k2 resistor between IREF and GND.

I've tries another orgram found on:

This code is possible to compile but nothing happens with my leds..

Pin to pin schematics and pictures are welcome.. Other good info too

Please help..

the following changes should get the playground example to compile:

change all occurances of the variable sin (its defined in enum pins & used in a few places) to Mysin change TOIE2A to TOIE2 change OCIE2 to OCIE2A change OCR2 to OCR2A

I don't have the hardware so have no idea if the changes above will actually work.

I think the code was created by jims (;username=jims), you may want to contact him to seek his expert advice.