Arduino design files...

Is there a possability of getting the pcb files for Uno, Mega 2560 n Micro in another format? I dont have eagle pcb n i doubt the free ver would open mega 2560… I have DipTrace and I can open gerber, dxf n P-Cad, OrCad in the pcb editor and in scematic p-cad n orcad. Can these design files also be available in gerber format for those who cant open them?


I tried editing but system wont let me. I have some projects planned and wanted the pcb files to help design stuff and wanted the design files to help.




I dont have eagle pcb

I can understand why. The code is exorbitant. Not.

n i doubt the free ver would open mega 2560.

The software will open the files. You might not be able to edit them.

Eagle will open files that exceed the "free" limits, and will export gerbers. If those are in a format that diptrace can import, you should be all set.

Ok, thanks. I know Diptrace can't, so I figured that Eagle free couldn't will try that. Thanks.