Arduino Devices With Large RAM Size

I have some requirements for a project,

I need an Arduino device with large RAM size: (in the MB range), or possible to add memory to the board without buying more components.

We also require an accelerometer and gyroscope on the board, with decent frequency (must be over 1000 hz quoted on the maker's datasheet).

We also preferably need BLE on the board.

Does such a device exist, and if so what model would be the best for me?

Hmm. What's the RAM for? Does it really need to be writeable? Is the access random? Having those answers might help. There are many ways to add 'memory' (of various kinds) to an Arduino. But in certain situations it may be onerous, and your application might be a better fit for a Raspberry Pi or similar.

It doesn't matter what kind it is as long as I can store a large array of characters (around 1-2mb). Preferably, we don't want to add modules to it as size is a constraint unless there are tiny memory modules we can buy without increasing the size much

MicroSD card? Does it really need to be RAM?

Any type of memory is fine, whether volatile or non-volatile; an SD-card board would be perfect however it should be included with the Arduino device

A Micro SD card is smaller than a DIP package AVR

What device can I buy which I can plug a SD card in?

Is there any that can be plugged in without a module/breadboard?

@Discordia, you have described some requirements but you have not told us anything about the purpose of your project. If you do it will be much easier to give useful advice.

Have you considered that a 16MHz Arduino may be too slow to make any use of megabytes of data. Maybe a RaspberryPi would be a better option?


We have to use Arduino, unfortunately I can't share a lot of the project's details but it involves logging sensor data (the data is processed off the board).

Essentially, we want to log the data somewhere such as an SD Card for later processing, we're currently thinking about purchasing:

Would this solve our issue?

Would this solve our issue?

We don't know, because we don't know what your issue(s) is/are.

Discordia: unfortunately I can't share a lot of the project's details

Does that mean you are trying to get free advice so you can make profit from a commercial project? If so it is not very fair.