Arduino Diecimila - Bad unit?

I just got my Arduino Diecimila (from SparkFun) and plugged it into my USB....before doing anything else the LED on pin 13 starts flashing. I think if flashes 3 times quick, stops for a spilt second and starts flashing again. I'm guessing it is doing this flash loop 3 times a second. I haven't even loaded a sketch yet. I hit the reset and it starts flashing again in about 2 seconds.

Is it bad or did SparkFun load a test sketch?

I can't load a sketch yet because the software for my Mac (runing OS 10.3.9) has a bug in it. I would setup it up on my Windows machine but I can't downlaod the software--I have a dial up connection.

Thanks for your help in advance. Buzzard

The arduino comes with a test sketch pre-loaded that flashes the LED. The flashing LED indicates that the arduino is functioning ok. Get that Mac bug fixed and have fun :)

What problem are you having with the software? I think Arduino 0010 will run on 10.3.9.

Thanks for asking...

I was running a version of the software that was missing a library. Once I installed the updated version, everything is a-ok.

Already having fun with it!!

I am going to work on building a simple robot with my son, out of Legos?just a simple avoidance bot.