Arduino dies when I use a 3.3v regulator

Hi I am trying to use a 3.3v regulator, it lights up when I give it 5v and gnd but when I connect something to the 3.3v out the reguator and the arduino dies (lights turns on when I disconnect the vout). Anyone got any idea how to fix this? Thanks beforehand!

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More details please, including a schematic. Where does the “pi” come into it ?

Oh, I didnt meand PI, I mean arduino. The lights go out when I plug a NRF24 into the vout. The scimatics arent that advanced, just 5v to vin, gnd to gnd and vout and the same gnd to the nrf24. But all the lights go out when I plug in something to vout and lights up when it disconnects.

A regulator lighting up must be a spectacular view; I’ve never seen it.

So what we know till now

  1. You have a pi; I guess that’s a raspberry pi
  2. The pi dies so you have to buy a new one


  1. From what do you feed 5V into the regulator?
  2. What do you connect to the 3.3V output of the regulator?

Schematics can be very useful, even a photo of a handdrawn one.

This is my regulator step down till 3.3V AMS1117 mini modell, passar kopplingsdäck | CDON

Photographs can be useful, but not that one

Please post a schematic. Hand drawn and photographed is OK

I am using this scimiatic

I am currently supplying it with power via the usb , can that be the problem?

The 5v output from the Arduino cannot power that external device , that is the problem - you need another 5v supply .

Hammy is spot on.
Also, note that you need level converts in the signal path between the arduino (5V login) and the transceiver (3.3v). It is only essential in one direction (arduino->transceiver) so you can just use resistors to drop the 5V signal to 3.3v.

An Arduino should easily be capable of powering a single regulator and nRF24L01 module. The nRF24 chip takes 13.5 mA at worst case consumption. I’m betting something is miswired. Been a while since I used an nRF24 though.

nRF24L01 has 5V tolerant inputs. Level translation is not necessary for this chip.

The regulator in the 5-3.3v converter is a linear one with somewhere between 5-10mA quiescent current . So we are looking at possibly 23mA or so. I have had trouble supplying those transmitters as the current seems to spike when transmitting (often a big capacitor across the rails helps). That regulator needs a volt or so drop to work so it could be tight there too .
I would also agree that a wiring fault could also be a very likely issue.

I tested to supply it with a lipo to 5v converter but I accidentally had lipo to 6v wired, so I burnt the regulator, buut this is the weird part, when I connect the regulators vin and vout it starts working again (light turns on). I don’t understand how and why

So - what do you actually mean by that?

If you connect it up again and some indicator light appears, just what voltage is it putting out?

Sorry for the late response, I accidently gave it 6v instead of 5v. So the lamp indicator on the actuall regulator turned of and wont turn back on unless I connect vout and vin, I know it sounds wired, I have no idea.

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