Arduino DIY Help on connecting thru Serial to usb converter / serial port I have got this tutorial , for making arduino at home , as arduino is not directly available in my country,

in this tutorial FTDI chip usb to serial converter , was used. it os also not availble here.

Please anyone tell me , can i use Profilic Usb to serial converter, or Serial port directly. how to do it...

thanks in anticipation .... :)

The normal RS232 signal uses high voltages (+9...+15). You need TTL logic level signals for RX and TX.

You could use the actual serial port of a computer with a RS232 converter, like the MAX232. Or you could use a USB to serial TTL level adapter.

Yes, the Prolific USB/Serial adapter can be used. Connect its Rx to '328P Tx, Tx to 328P Rx. Gnd to Gnd, +5 to +5v. If it has a DTR pin connect that a 100nF cap, other side of cap to the 328P Reset pin. If not, you will need to press Reset pin when the IDE says "Compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes" or something like that. Might have to try a couple times to get the timing right for the reset. Don't forget to install prolific drivers.

thank u all , i used profilic with max232cpe

what to do with software part when i upload sketch as Arduino UNO

this error occurs

Binary sketch size: 1,084 bytes (of a 32,256 byte maximum) avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

  1. Does your 328P have a bootloader on it?

If yes, then: 2. Does your board have a reset switch? Press the reset switch when the IDE shows "sketch size xxxx bytes of 32xxx" or similar to make the bootloader restart and look for a download message from the PC. Might take a few tries to find the right time.