Arduino Dmx Patch Device


I’m new to arduino and coding so my question is actually to see if it is fairly simple or very complicated to do what I would like to do. I need a way of changing the output DMX address to another DMX address, a type of soft-patch device. I found it easier to explain with an image. Hopefully I could get som tips on how to go by for making something like this.


Yes that’s perfectly feasible.
As you want both a DMX in and a DMX out I would suggest using the Arduino Mega (Assuming your using RS485 and not Artnet) and this DMX library.
I have attached a schematic of a shield I built and use with this very same setup but you may be able to buy such things if you look. The only difference is I use it to test DMX distribution boxes by outputting a universe on the DMX out and checking I get the same data (via the distribution box) on the DMX in universe but it could just as easily move the start address as your wanting.

Mega_DMX_Tester v3.pdf (16 KB)