Arduino does not connect to ide when some "parts" are installed


I have a problem with my arduino. When i connect some parts like the bluetooth module or a dc motor my arduino does not connect to the ide. If i take that parts off, it connects normally. I want to know why this happens and how to solve it


  • you need to be more specific , whatparts connected to what - how is the motor connected etc etc.

  • the normal fault finding routine would be to connect one "part" at a time and check it to identify what particular item causes the problem - if you do that come back with " when I connect item X, to pins.... then I can no longer upload a program or cannot use the serial monitor or whatever

  • do you have something connected to the pins used for tx/rx? that will stop you uploading via the USB.

The bluetooth is connected in tx and rx

That will stop the USB working, so move the blue tooth or accept you have to disconnect it for program upload .

And why happens that?

The TX and RX pins are the pins for the hardware serial, which is connected to the USB serial adapter on the board. They are used to upload sketches. If you have other parts connected to them, they will interfere with communication with the USB serial adapter, and hence prevent sketches from uploading.