Arduino does not like the analog pin naming convention

Currently, I have a program that uses the analog pins on a Arduino 2560 controller board. I am trying to use the analog pins. I have a seperate header file called pin_number.h that assigns the pin numbers to constant integer values as show below.

const int tester_data = A0; const int pressure_transducer_1to_10 = A1; const int power_transducer_1_to_10 = A2; const int coil_current_1_to_16 = A3; const int coil_current_17_to_32 = A4; const int +5vdc_test_point = A6; const int UUT_controller_insertion_test = A7; const int UUT_driver_insertion_test = A8;

All the typical pins in the file seem to compile but not the analog pins. The error I get is "pin_number.h:59: error 'A0' was not declared in this scope". If a regular number (1,2,3,...) is in there, the program compiles.

Can any tell me what is going on and how I can fix this?

I have a seperate header file called pin_number.h ...

That separate header file probably needs at the top:


AO AND A0 are not the same thing (that's 0 the number and O, oh the letter). The same thing applies to 1 and i)