Arduino does not work after desoldering pins and reset button

Hi all! As the title says, I spent some time desoldering all the pins and reset button from my arduino nano by Gravitech in order to make it fit into a space. When I plugged it in to my computer again, it was not detected by the computer. Additionally, the power LED no longer activates and and RX/TX LEDs remain on indefinitely.

What did I do?! My guess is that I damaged a component with my soldering iron? I set the temperature to 720F.

What did I do?!

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Take a picture of the board top and bottom and show use the images.

Sure thing!

Imgur Link Here

board top and bottom

Better, in focus and higher resolution image(s) so we can zoom in.

Edit: I see you did send both, sorry.

You can just attach the images to your post directly.

I've retaken them with flash (not sure if it helps) . All I've got right now is my phone camera, sorry if you can't see it too clearly :(

Top Left corner under the board...

There appears to be a missing capacitor or resistor?

Checked my other working board. The capacitor is definitely there and looks the same. It definitely is a weird marking though!

Looking at the pads where the reset button once was. The right hand one in the image. I think you may have a break in the earth track there that was being bridged by the lead of the switch before you removed it.

Looks like you had several of the perimeter pins soldered at one time. One of these may have a solder bridges. Go over each previously soldered pad with a hot iron to remove any splashed solder.

There appears to be a missing capacitor or resistor?

That would be the Schottky 5V power negotiation diode - it appears to have been dislodged or otherwise damaged in the process of desoldering D12.

Try powering the board from Vin (in addition to the USB).

Were you using a temp controlled iron or a I'll burn your fingers off with fire! Soldering iron?

The unregulated temp version could produce enough heat to kill the atmega chip... but I doubt it.